Sunday, March 05, 2006

Major Tom to Ground Control

Testing. One, two, three. Check.

Welcome to Harvey's (movie & music blog).

This is my first run on this blogging thing (mySpace blogging, at least for me, doesn't count). I've gotten into music blogs that have been sharing their interests and decided to throw out a few thoughts and ideas on film appreciation (with the occasional musical tidbits). Since those said music blogs have gotten me into a fair amount of music, perhaps I can share my own interests to get others into some films (and pass along some music myself).

Watching films is my (more-than) hobby, and I remember the movies that have shaped my film watching career--seen back in my senior year of high school.

Movies that made me admire the magic of cinema: Children of Paradise (Carne & Prevert), Red (Kieslowski), and Annie Hall (Allen). Movies that made me want to make movies (because they showed that it was possible to film the extraordinary of the everyday): Before Sunrise (Linklater), Kicking & Screaming (Baumbach), and My Night at Maud's (Rohmer).

Off we go.

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