Friday, September 02, 2011

Top 100: #70-61

 Compiling a list for The 4th Annual Filmspotters Top 100 Poll 
(I limited each director to a maximum of three films)

70. The Lady Eve
Preston Sturges, 1941

69 to 61 after the jump...

69. The Hustler
Robert Rossen, 1961

68. Rancho Notorious
Fritz Lang, 1952

67. The Double Life of Veronique
Krzysztof Kieslowski, 1991

66. Beautiful Girls
Ted Demme, 1996

65. Joe Versus the Volcano
 John Patrick Shanley, 1990

64. Pleasantville
 Gary Ross, 1998

63. Days of Heaven
Terrence Malick, 1978

62. The Best Years of Our Lives
William Wyler, 1946

61. Citizen Kane
Orson Welles, 1941

to be continued...
(images from mubi)


Adam Kuhn said...

Most of these are foreign to me, but then you got to Days of Heaven (a top 10-er for me) and The Best Years of Our Lives. Great stuff!

M. Tamminga (@oneaprilday) said...

Joe versus the Volcano! Haven't seen that in years but loved it then. I should re-watch it.

harvey said...

i realized i like william wyler a lot.

take another 'plunge into the volcano!' i'm quoting myself

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