Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weekly Quiz: Round 1 Results

Thanks for playing everyone, even those that didn't submit answers in the comments. 

Answers to last week:

Screen 01 - Career Opportunities
Screen 02 - The Thing Called Love
 Connection - Dermot Mulroney 

The fantastic Jos wins with 19 points and he didn't even answer the past week's quiz. 
Sadly, Jos wins the prestige of finishing first without a prize because he lives in Europe.
He was polite enough to say he was playing for no prize anyway and thanked me for offering prizes at all.  Jos is awesome (and not just because scored 123 points in My Cinematic Alphabet Quiz)!


Used Blurays:  Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (single disc), Two Lovers, The Social Network (single disc), Fantastic Mr. Fox (single disc/rental exclusive) 

Used DVDs:  Please Give, The Kids Are All Right, Two Lovers, Ondine, The Darjeeling Limited, Career Opportunities, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, House of Flying Daggers, The Princess Bride (original single disc version), Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

First runner-up is Dan Heaton with 17 points, 
Second runner-up is MAYDRICK with 13 points, 
and Third runners-up are Adam Kuhn and worm@work--both with 10 points. 

To claim your prizes, please read on (also point totals after the jump) ...

If you are one of those named above and live in the US or Canada, please comment below with your choice of prize (Top 5; if you're Dan, just choose one) with your name and address, I will get those out to you through the United States Postal Service.  

If you don't live in the US or Canada, please let me know...I will try to come up with a virtual prize like the avatars/icons that were made for the Cinematic Alphabetic Quiz.

You can also decline the prize in your comment and I will see if the next highest score would like one of the prizes.  No quiz this week, but I will try my best to have Round 2 start next week (Mon./Tues.).

Point Totals, Round 1 (8 weeks):

Jos: 19 total

Dan Heaton (public transportation snob):  1 point (17 total)
MAYDRICK (la lumiere vient du fond): 13 total

Adam Kuhn (corndog chats): 1 point (10 total)
worm@work (cinema on the road): 10 total

Melissa/oneaprilday (a journal of film): 9 total

Sandy: 6 total

Marcus (pinnland empire): 1 point (5 total)
cinema-fanatic (cinema-fanatic.com): 5 total

Sam the Cinema Snob (cinema sights): 4 total 
Bondo: 4 total

MartinTeller (martin teller at the movies): 3 total

inhuman: 1 total
wigwam: 1 total

Rules to the Game: 

  1. Each screenshot is worth 1 point and naming the connection between the two films is an additional 1 point (3 points).  Also, the first 7 people to answer all correctly will get an extra point (4 total points possible).  I will make the connections simple and warn you if it is tricky.   
  2. Submit your answers using the comments; it will be set it to need administrative approval so that other people cannot see your answers.  I will post the top ten point leaders in the following week's screenshot quiz (if you want me to pimp your blog or link to your site/works by your name, just say so in your comment). 
  3. Please use yourself as the only resource to answering the quiz--no Internet searches (honor system); if you really want help, you can look into the soul of the person next to you.


Sandy J. said...

Thanks Harvey!

harvey zissou said...

Dan Heaton has claimed the Scott Pilgrim (bluray)...a flag has been placed upon it and it shall be hence forth be called DanHeatonlandia.

Waiting on MAYDRICK to claim a prize and/or see if he lives in the US or Canada.

worm@work has submitted a Top 5 and I'm pretty sure it will have the same #1 as Adam Kuhn's list (no list yet). There might have to be a playoff between the two (unless MAYDRICK resolves that issue by claiming it for him/herself).

We will give the winners until Sunday at midnight (going into Monday) to claim there prizes.

Thanks for playing again!


harvey zissou said...

I spelled 'their' wrong.

Jos said...

Thanks! The honour of winning is all I care for ;)

And great job hosting/making this thing. Enjoy playing it.

harvey zissou said...

i was wrong, adam and worm@work had different lists...no playoff needed.

just waiting on MAYDRICK. :)
i wish i had french language skills...i went to his site (google translate probably works though). i think he's from France.

harvey said...

All prizes have been claimed for this round (MAYDRICK does live in France).

Dan Heaton: Scott Pilgrim vs the World (bluray)

Adam Kuhn: Two Lovers (bluray)

worm@work: The Princess Bride (original single-disc dvd)

Since there was a tie for third, I'm not going to move down the leader list to offer another prize (sorry, Melissa; we still cool?)...in order to keep the prize pool bigger for the next round.

harvey said...

mail was sent out on monday--it will be 3 to 5 days from then. cheers,

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