Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Screen Capture Quiz: Round 2, Week 6

Week 6:


Connection: Person
Rules and Answers to last week's quiz after the jump...

  1. Each screenshot is worth 1 point and naming the connection between the two films is an additional 1 point (3 points total).  I will make the connections simple and warn you if it is tricky.  Removed the bonus 4th point that was in play during the first round because there were never seven total contestants to answer correctly.
  2. Submit your answers using the comments; it will be set it to need administrative approval so that other people cannot see your answers.  I will post the top ten point leaders in the following week's screenshot quiz (if you want me to pimp your blog or link to your site/works by your name, just say so in your comment). 
  3. Please use yourself as the only resource to answering the quiz--no Internet searches (honor system); if you really want help, you can look into the soul of the person next to you. 

Answers to last week:  

Screen 01 - Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Screen 02 - Adaptation
Connection - Charlie Kaufman

Point Leaders:
MAYDRICK (la lumiere vient du fond): 1 point (12 total)
Dan Heaton (public transportation snob): 2 points (7 total)
worm@work (cinema on the road): 1 point (7 total)
wigwam (wigwam watches): 5 total
Adam Kuhn (corndog chats): 1 point (4 total)
cinema-fanatic (cinema-fanatic.com): 4 total
Jos: 3 total
Sandy: 1 point (2 total)
Melissa/oneaprilday (a journal of film): 2 total 
Marcus (pinnland empire): 1 point
Steve Kimes: 0 total
*image 01 is from cinemasquid.com

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