Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Best Title: All the Vermeers in New York

Directed by Jon Jost

It's not my favorite film, but it has my favorite movie title. Here's some info on the film from Jon Jost's wiki page said that he lives in Seoul, Korea and recently "resigned after 4 years as a 'Distinguished Professor' at Yonsei University [June 2011]." I just found his blog.

There's an interesting article on Jon Jost in the opening to the chapter titled "Rural America" in the Directory of World Cinema: American Independent (essay/article by Hing Tsang: 241-243).

What's your favorite movie title?


buttercup said...

bing bang bong starring cary grant and a bunch of kids is my favorite. -rosa

harvey zissou said...

lifeboat? i mean...houseboat. that's not a very good title. house party 2 is a good title :)

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