Monday, July 11, 2011

Top Five Films of 2010

2010: a good year for movies


Except for Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours*, I finally saw all of the 83rd Academy Award’s Best Picture (2011 Oscar) nominees** during the past month. I still prefer Nicole Holofcener’s Please Give, while my Oscar list favorites are The Kids Are All Right, The Social Network, and Inception. I thought of adding Derek Cianfrance’s Blue Valentine to round out a Top Five list, but then remembered Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was also released this year***. The list is as follows:
  1. Please Give  (Nicole Holofcener)
  2. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World  (Edgar Wright)
  3. The Kids Are All Right  (Lisa Cholodenko)
  4. The Social Network  (David Fincher)
  5. Inception  (Christopher Nolan)
Honorable Mentions: Blue Valentine, I Am Love, The Man From Nowhere, The Town, and Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows, Part 1 (maybe I'm nuts or just getting younger with old age?)

Guilty Pleasure: She's Out of My League

* My apologies to Mr. Boyle, who I think is a wonderful filmmaker (see Trainspotting, 28 Days Later, and Sunshine).
** Other Best Picture Oscar Nominees included True Grit, The Fighter, Winter’s Bone, The King’s Speech, Black Swan, Toy Story 3, and 127 Hours.
*** I have yet to see Animal Kingdom, Another Year, Everyone Else, The Illusionist, and Rabbit Hole--all 2010 releases.


Noel V. Bartocci said...

Scott Pilgrim is right! You aren't getting younger, Deqthly Hallows was the most contemplative and adult of the Harry Potter movies. Dare I say THEY are getting more mature?

Ned said...

Great blog. I'm loving your lists. I Am Love is a film I haven't heard a lot of people talking about but I absolutely loved it.

harvey zissou said...

thanks ned. i just checked out your blog...very nice ( i feel like amatuer-hour over here, lol). i am love is so damn good, im probably underrating it. i had seen that and two lovers in the same week so i wrote that 50+50=100 word review on both.

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