Thursday, August 25, 2011

Genova (2008)

Directed by Michael Winterbottom
US title: A Summer in Genoa

I was sad to learn that this beautiful film never opened in American theaters.*  After losing his wife, Firth moves his family to Italy—together: they cope with their loss; individually: the younger daughter is haunted by the car accident, the older sister faces adolescence, and the father starts fresh.

*but was released on DVD following Colin Firth’s Oscar win in April 2011.

Additional Observations (cheating): Marcel Zyskind’s images are nothing short of amazing.  Thematically and visually, I was reminded of Keislowski’s Blue and Guadagnino’s I Am Love—the scenes at the beach are like the ones in Eric Rohmer’s films (even Keener looks like Marie Rivière).

The trailer can be seen here and the whole film can be seen on Netflix streaming.
Film reviews in fifty words (2011).

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Marcus said...

tell me about it. i didnt even know this movie existed until recently. i love winterbottom's films. im gonna have to check out a multi-region dvd of this.

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