Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Swingers and NHL 93 (Jeremy Roenick)

Oh, Swingers (1996) do I love thee?
Let me count the ways...
(Sadly, you were cut from my Top 100)
But if I were still in high school, you would make it to the Top 25 with ease.

The video up top (Fox Sports promo?) is an awesome homage to Swingers, directed by Doug Liman and written by Jon Favreau.  I just looked up the bluray release--and it's next week.  Recommendation: Must Buy!
In case you can't view the embedded videos: the homage and the original.

[after the jump: Wikipedia entry of how they were playing NHL 93 but talking about NHL 94]

From Wikipedia
The removal of fights in "NHL Hockey 94" was addressed in the 1996 movie Swingers [...]   

However, this is not completely accurate, as bleeding players were also removed. They also were playing "NHLPA Hockey '93", which had blood and fighting; but the fighting was strategic and players like Gretzky would rarely, if at all, have fought. This was due to his low fighter and aggressiveness ratings; while higher profile enforcers such as Tie Domi, Bob Probert, Basil McRae and Tony Twist had very high ratings of each, making each more likely to be called for penalties including fighting, others such as Gretzky had low ratings of both, making the latter not only less likely to fight, but also less likely to take any penalties at all. However, in the original "NHL Hockey", Gretzky was able to fight more often.

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