Sunday, August 14, 2011

Point Ranges & Prizes Tomorrow

Cinematic Alphabet Quiz: Bonus Features (answers to A in the comments)

First time to the quiz, please go here.

Sorry. The prizes were not ready.
Please enjoy these screens that didn't make the cut for the quiz.
No points for using these. More screens after the jump...

[many screens after the jump]

See you tomorrow with the Point Ranges and Prizes (for real this time).


harvey zissou said...

STOP READING if you don't want to know the answers to the previous post, Name That Film: A.

harvey zissou said...

LAST CHANCE. Answers to Name That Film: A are below.

harvey zissou said...

Aliens - 1 point (this is Aliens plural, with an 's')
The Apartment - 2 points
The Age of Innocence - 3 points

*bonus: After Life - 1 point

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