Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekly Screen Capture Quiz: #1

I will attempt to post on Mondays at 3:00PM Eastern Standard Time (US). 

  1. Each screenshot is worth 1 point and naming the connection between the two films is an additional 1 point (3 points).  Also, the first 7 people to answer all correctly will get an extra point (4 total points possible).  I will make the connections simple and warn you if it is tricky.   
  2. Submit your answers using the comments; it will be set it to need administrative approval so that other people cannot see your answers.  I will post the top ten point leaders in the following week's screenshot quiz (if you want me to pimp your blog or link to your site/works by your name, just say so in your comment). 
  3. Please use yourself as the only resource to answering the quiz--no Internet searches (honor system); if you really want help, you can look into the soul of the person next to you.

Week 1: 



Since this is the inaugural post and to let you know what to expect, I will give a hint.

Hint: Person [an additional hint for the connection after the jump...]

Additional Hint: Not an actor/actress.

Thanks for playing along.

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